Rooshy Roy Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Rooshy Roy Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Rooshy Roy, Aavrani

premium skincare

Rooshy Roy, founder of AAVRANI a premium skincare company that reimagines India’s ancient beauty rituals, while harnessing the power of potent, all-natural ingredients. Their mission is to align inner confidence with outer radiance and empower women to embrace their all natural beauty, challenge expectations and redefine beauty standards at large.

Rooshy Roy worked in finance for six years before going to business school and reinventing her life. When she decided to start a skincare business she had to Google how to get started, and since then she’s worked to fuse the Indian beauty rituals she learned from her family with the modern day American skincare routine.

AAVRANI is her way to combine the two parts that make her whole. But it’s also her journey back to her roots; to re-discover and appreciate their intricacies. Her vision is for all women who struggle with their dualities to embrace them instead. To celebrate their conflicted, immense, breathtakingly unique identities that make them who they are. AAVRANI honors beauty and celebrates duality by uniting worlds: clinically-proven, modern-day routine and ancient, all-natural rituals.

In This Episode…

In this episode we discuss fusing culture, values and branding, as well as how mindset plays into the success of entrepreneurship even when you’re Googling how to.

[01:06] Introduction to Rooshy and AAVRANI
[02:10] Incorporating Indian beauty rituals into her business
[06:11] Bridging the gap between Indian and American beauty rituals
[08:15] Why and how Rooshy started a skincare business
[13:02] Reframing her mindset
[18:50] Fusing culture, values and brand
[25:44] Rooshy’s approach to rebranding
[39:02] Disrupting the women’s beauty brand look
[45:16] Advice for entrepreneurs just starting out

“What we put onto our skin is just as important as what we put into our bodies.”

“It’s never been easier to create your own website, outsource your own products and see what you‘re interested in and what you’re good at.”

“The truth is that nobody knows what they’re doing, so long as you go after it with the right intent it’s almost like the universe rewards you for that.”

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