Deb Matlock Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Deb Matlock Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Deb Matlock

Wild Rhythms, LLC

the natural rhythm of being a solopreneur, dealing with failure, & building community

Deb Matlock grew up in the mountains of Colorado and is deeply committed to nurturing the connection between people, animals, earth, and spirit. She has spent twenty-five years working as a professional environmental and humane educator and naturalist. Through personal spiritual guidance work, animal communication, nature connection workshops and retreats, and engaging presentations, Wild Rhythms offers numerous avenues for people to explore their deeply personal connection to nature, wildness, animals, and the world of spirit and to explore their personal contributions within those connections.

Deb has experienced a deep, personal, and communicative connection with the earth, the world of spirit, and the animals she encounters since she was a young child. Over the years her life has been formed and enriched by her relationship with all of the life around her. She teaches that this deep and sacred connection empowers us to live our best lives, offering our authentic selves to this world in an act of fulfilling service.

In This Episode…

[01:14] Introduction to Deb and her business
[05:09] What it is about business that appeals to her
[07:42] Getting into her own rhythm
[15:45] Learning what works
[22:34] Dealing with failure
[25:52] Community building
[30:34] Recommendations
[35:45] Networking
[38:18] Adjusting in a pandemic

In this episode we discuss Deb’s journey to becoming a business owner, how what she does impacts how she does it, her philosophy around business and how she approaches the failures that come with being a business owner.

It’s clear in our conversation that Deb walks her talk and her relationship with her business is something she takes seriously. I had a great time chatting with her and there’s plenty of take-aways that you can apply to your own business.

“I love making my own decisions, even the ones that don’t necessarily turn out that well.”

“Yes, there’s a learning curve and I would be lying if I said that was 100% past tense.”

“One of the hardest parts was to say I can’t do it if it doesn’t feel right and taking that risk.”

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