Micheline Edwards - Small Business Sisterhood PodcastMicheline Edwards - Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Micheline Edwards - Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Micheline Edwards
Pine Rock Farms

life & wellness coaching + retreats

Micheline is a Holistic Life & Wellness Coach empowering women to design space to be heard, seen & create intentional positive change in their lives. She also offers hands-on immersion experiences & retreats on her family enrichment farm. Micheline has spent almost thirty years running a variety of businesses, all while homeschooling her five children.

[01:00] Introduction to Micheline and her business
[02:39] How Micheline has managed to juggle all her responsibilities
[08:41] Creating boundaries
[13:37] Defining who you are and what you do
[17:34] Structuring and time management
[21:25] The right to say no
[23:38] Learning to say no
[32:21] Lessons learned from thirty years in business

In This Episode…

In this episode we discuss how time management lead to homeschooling, the importance of boundaries and how to say no respectfully, and the lessons Micheline’s learned over her thirty years in business.

“I feel like there’s a much greater respect for family, but the flipside of that is that as an entrepreneur you need to make sure that your family and friends respect your time.”

“It’s really freeing once you get all the way through the process and really define who you are and what actually does define you.”

“I realized I was just so much more effective and so much more fresh, and sometimes my biggest and best ideas and leaps forwards came after I’d taken some time for self-care.”

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