Tors Grantham - Small Business Sisterhood PodcastTors Grantham - Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Tors Grantham - Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Tors Grantham

confidence coach & podcasting

Introvert and former camera-shy television professional, Tors is a Confidence & Success coach, female empowerment advocate, and writer currently working on publishing her first books.

An avid podcast listener, Tors also runs a podcast production agency called podcastology. She’s brought everything she learned about audio from her past life in television and combined it with her experiences in entrepreneurship to create an agency designed to support female business owners get their podcast up and running.

In This Episode…

In this episode we discuss how confidence comes and goes throughout your entrepreneurship journey, and how podcasting can impact your business. Tors shares tips on getting started, how to leverage guests (or becoming a guest yourself), how to create content that helps your business stand out.

[01:28] Introduction to Tors and her business
[03:20] Confidence in business
[10:27] Business as a reflection of self
[14:30] How Tors ended up in podcasting
[18:14] The blocks towards podcasting
[19:46] The benefit of podcasting for business
[23:28] Maintaining quality in your podcast
[25:25] Starting a podcast
[30:29] Podcasting formats
[36:39] Advice for people starting out

“Stubborness is actually what has got me to where I am today.”

“The thing that differentiates you from everybody else that does what you do is just you, ultimately.”

“Audience experience is something that a lot of people don’t think about and I think it is possibly the most important piece.”

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