I recently entered my first craft show with some crocheted and quilted accessories and home decor items. It was exhausting and a bit stressful, but worth it just to have the experience. I did make enough sales to cover materials and entry fee, too. Bonus!

Some of what I learned:

  • Know the average age of attendees ~ I thought my products were pretty universal age-wise, but maybe crocheted items in general are not. Many of the older visitors to my booth said they “crocheted too” and were just looking for ideas. Also, handwarmers are not a trendy item for all generations.
  • Don’t worry about having enough stuff ~ You can take orders. Save some samples or have a portfolio of your work for ideas. I ended up taking some orders, so this was helpful.
  • Choose your timing wisely ~ My show was just a little early in the fall for people to be buying for Christmas yet. Good to know!

Here are some items I had at the show.

Small Bag