Shannon Kenny - Mama Eco - Small Business Sisterhood PodcastShannon Kenny - Mama Eco - Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Shannon Kenny - Mama Eco - Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Shannon Kenny

Mama Eco

Shannon Kenny is a Sustainable Business Consultant who helps eco-conscious businesses become more sustainable without sacrificing profit. Growing up on the Caribbean island of Trinidad instilled a deep sense of environmental responsibility within her, and in 2017, she turned that conviction into her career with the launch of Mama Eco, a business dedicated to helping eco-conscious people make better decisions for the environment. Shannon has spoken at sustainable events as well as been on panels with thought leaders in the environmental world. And has been featured in several publications, including USA Today, MarketWatch, mindbodygreen and Grateful.

In This Episode…

[00:41] Introduction to Shannon Kenny and her business
[03:22] What can we do to become more sustainable as a business
[06:08] How Shannon got into sustainability
[12:33] Knowing when to pivot
[16:34] How not to give up when things get difficult
[24:38] Advice to someone starting out
[31:56] Actionable steps to becoming sustainable
[34:34] Sustainable hiring considerations

I talked to Shannon about her journey into entrepreneurship and the difficult decision-making and numerous pivots she navigated to get to where she is today. We talk about following your core values and mission to help steer your path through the choices we have to make and the learning curve that comes with being an entrepreneur.


“If you’d asked me about pivoting 5-10 years ago I would’ve seen it as failure, but they’ve all worked towards my bigger mission.”

“Being an entrepreneur is one of the hardest things you’ll do … I’m not the problem, it’s not just me that’s having a hard time here, this is the road I chose.”

“I sometimes think that naiveté is a great asset because if you knew how hard it is then you wouldn’t try.”

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