Samantha Griffin - Small Business Sisterhood Podcast with Pepper MakepeaceSamantha Griffin - Small Business Sisterhood Podcast with Pepper Makepeace

Samantha Griffin - Small Business Sisterhood Podcast with Pepper Makepeace

Samantha Griffin

DC Metro Maternity

A Certified Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula and Certified Childbirth Educator, Samantha came to the realization that as one woman, she could only support one woman at any given time. With strengths in leadership, education and organization, Samantha multiplied her efforts by founding DC Metro Maternity, a boutique parenting support agency. She brought on a team of other passionate female certified doulas of color and together, they have been supporting black families in the DC, suburban Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas since 2018.

In This Episode…

[00:41] Introduction to Samantha Griffin and her business
[05:40] Samantha’s experience starting her business
[08:55] Niching in business
[20:53] Shifting to an agency business model
[24:08] Core values and hiring team members
[32:37] The freedom found in structure

Samantha Griffins is a doula turned boutique parenting support agency owner, working with Black families in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area. Samantha is passionate about changing the way women and couples see birth and the postpartum period, particularly in light of the Black Infant and maternal mortality rates in the US.

Samantha has built her business from volunteering as a doula to hiring several doulas to work with her in her agency. Along the way, her focus on helping empower women of color, has helped guide her decisions and allowed her to niche down with a specificity that supports her business growth.

In this episode, Samantha and I talk through how those decisions came up and her thought processes behind the choices she’s made in a fun, laughter-filled honest conversation that I’m excited to share with you. Niching is an area many business owners struggle with, and Samantha is honest about her own fears around the process, but also about how niching has really helped her business change organically, shifting into an agency model working with independent contractors.


“I think sometimes we get really nervous about limiting who we’re working with.”

“Business had always been in-person and very intimate. The only way to scale was to duplicate myself and work with other people, and so out of that came an agency.”

“Many of us see ourselves as caretakers, we are very emotionally connected to our business which I think is a positive but it can also make us a little more risk averse.”

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