Melanie Mitchell  - Small Business Sisterhood PodcastMelanie Mitchell  - Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Melanie Mitchell  - Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Melanie Mitchell

Find Succeed Achieve – Career & Life Coach

Driven by a deep desire to help people find meaningful and fulfilling work, Melanie took her 18 years of experience in the Recruiting & Staffing industry and turned it into a Career & Life Coaching Practice. In 2017, after making some poor career and life decisions, she found herself at what she would call her “rock bottom”, having nothing to lose, she started her business from literally nothing and after working full-time as a recruiter and coaching in every free minute 7-days a week. she left corporate life in less than a year to dedicate herself full-time to her growing business. Now three years later, she works with individuals from college graduates to C-Level Executives across the United States helping guide her clients to better understand themselves and making better career decisions.

In This Episode…

[00:41] Introduction to Melanie Mitchell and her business
[05:20] The experience of going full time with a business
[10:08] How the pandemic is impacting Melanie’s clients and her business
[16:35] Working with clients on confidence
[30:50] Having confidence in sales conversations
[34:30] Celebrating each other and ourselves

In this episode we talked about the impact the pandemic has had on Melanie’s business and clients, how confidence has such a huge influence on success, and what we can do to cultivate more confidence in ourselves. Melanie shared how her attitude towards her daughter’s self-confidence has changed over the years and the ways it’s made her rethink how she runs her business.


“I think there’s that Instagram life as an entrepreneur that we see of perfection, and then there’s the reality of it.”

“I think that women, in particular, have a hard time embracing their successes.”

“Maybe confidence is a step-by-step process: accepting the compliments we get and releasing the shame.”

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