Jenna Dancy - Small Business Sisterhood PodcastJenna Dancy - Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Jenna Dancy - Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Jenna Dancy

Freedom Funnels

Jenna Dancy is a lead gen expert, podcaster, and course creator for all things sales and marketing.

Jenna has always had a love of marketing and advertising. Having spent the last decade-plus in PR, sales, marketing, and coaching, Jenna has been in the online space since long before digital downloads and evergreen masterclasses–I’m talking since coaches were printing and mailing binders as product! These days, Jenna specializes in lead-generation messenger marketing campaigns (also known as Facebook chatbots) that help coaches step away from their computers while continuously growing their client list.

While tech implementation of bots sounds intimidating, Jenna makes this marketing strategy super approachable and regularly sees her clients booking more calls, selling more courses, and interacting with more potential followers, all without being hooked to their phone 24/7. Spending just six dollars, Jenna herself made $500 in sales this Black Friday through her personal bot messenger system. She loves nothing more than helping entrepreneurs scale their business and see the results they’re looking for through this unique strategy.

In This Episode…

[00:45] Introduction to Jenna Dancy and her business
[05:54] Jenna’s process for Messenger marketing
[08:00] Using Messenger marketing for your business
[11:12] Jenna’s journey into running her own business
[15:52] Incorporating your personality & differentiating yourself from your bot
[20:16] The future of Messenger marketing
[25:04] How Jenna’s added automation into her business
[32:24] Using tools and software for business
[37:46] Advice for someone just getting started

Jenna Dancy helps high achievers and purpose-driven moms channel their go-getter attitude into a freedom-based business while incorporating simple wellness solutions such as automation and Messenger marketing.

Passionate about leaning into automation to support health and wellness, Jenna’s business has evolved over the years and, in this episode, she shares that journey from an unexpected discovery while in college to where she is today..

We talk about the advantages of including Messenger marketing in our businesses, the opportunities for sharing who you are, and how Jenna merged her two passions for health and wellness and marketing to build a business that she loves.


“Adding your personality and adding automation that’s still authentic to you is really important.”

“I’ve always had this dual passion of health and wellness and marketing, so I find that automation really merges those two together because it can help to relieve the feeling of burnout.”

“Doing one thing is really the key to getting started.”

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