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Cate Scolnik

Sane Social Media

Cate specializes in helping people build their business on Facebook starting from ZERO… without spending a cent on advertising. Cate has a unique ability to take the complex and make it simple, and she is passionate about social media. Cate literally grew up in small business – her mother owned an antique shop and her father was a GP. Cate’s earliest “professional” experience was answering the switchboard for her father’s medical practice. Cate started marketing way back in 1990 (before her kids were born, or online marketing was a ‘thing’). Today she focuses on helping other business owners using social media by teaching the exact strategies she uses in her agency.

In This Episode…

[00:45] Introduction to Cate Scolnik and her business
[02:44] Building a customer-centric business
[10:25] The importance of your values in your business
[15:01] How Cate’s building her values into her course
[16:20] How to figure out what your values are
[18:21] Incorporating your values into your business
[21:28] Navigating being a beginner in business
[23:41] Advice for entrepreneurs just starting out

Cate’s value-driven, customer-centric approach has made a huge difference to her business, especially during the current pandemic. In this episode we talk through why values are so important to business, how you can incorporate them into everything you do, and how they can help you increase your client base.


“Mistakes can happen because people are human. It’s really not the mistake that’s the problem but how you handle it.”

“Sooner or later, every client will leave. What I’d like is that every client that leaves thinks, I really had a great experience working with Cate and I would recommend her.”

“We all get so scared, in the beginning, of making decisions, but everything can change.”

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