Rhonda Mincey - Small Business Sisterhood PodcastRhonda Mincey - Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Rhonda Mincey - Small Business Sisterhood Podcast

Rhonda Mincey

Great Success, LLC

Rhonda G. Mincey is a multi-award-winning mentor, entrepreneur, and inspirational expert for female entrepreneurs. Her genius and gift is to create profit-producing and legacy-building content that distinguishes businesses from the competition while them in history. Through her speaking and writing, Rhonda challenges women to work passionately and purposefully.

Rhonda is a recurring speaker at the Success Women’s Conference and the One Woman Fearless Summits. Rhonda’s “Born to R.E.I.G.N.TM” Methodology equips and emboldens women to reign in all areas of their lives. Rhonda is a recipient of Georgia Southern University’s Service Award and the prestigious Turner Broadcasting Station (T.B.S.) Pathfinders Award. Rhonda is the author of three books, including her new release, ‘Unbridled Dreams: Change your mindset, achieve your goals, and live the best story of your life.’

Rhonda is an advocate for women from all walks of life. Believing that everyone lives their legacy daily, Rhonda has founded two nonprofits that served youth, building their self-esteem and leadership skills and awarding scholarships to high school and college students. Rhonda supports young ladies in Brazil and Rwanda to become educated, confident, and productive women.

In This Episode…

[00:45] Introduction to Rhonda Mincey and her business
[04:24] Working with Millennial women to create their legacy
[07:32] Bridging the gap between profit and purpose
[13:18] Creating a purpose-driven business with products
[18:14] Collaborating with other businesses
[22:06] Balancing the need for profit with purpose
[27:28] How legacy supports that balance
[33:04] Rhonda’s advice for someone just getting started in business

In this episode, Rhonda and I talk about the struggle to balance profit with purpose. There’s a lot of conversation about either profit or purpose, but very little about working to combine the two. Rhonda shares practical ways to bridging the gap between them in a way that not only increases profit while working within purpose, but also creates a legacy. She also highlights that purpose-driven businesses don’t have to be only for service-based businesses and shares how product-based businesses can also live the dream of profit and purpose.


“Let’s find a way to make it matter. To be profitable with our purpose and at the same time, leave a legacy for others.”

“When you are aligned with the right people and you go out of your way to serve them, then the goodness will follow you.”

“People want to know that you care. They want to know what you stand for, but not only that they want someone who they can model.”

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