Reasons Not to Quit JobSo many of us have been there before. Work is making you crazy and you just can’t take it anymore! Although it’s tempting to just say “f*#k it” and walk out, take a second to see you if any of the following applies to you.


  1. You have no money

If you don’t really have any money to sustain you while you look for another job or transition to another job, you’re just setting yourself up for a lot of stress. Stress is not something you need more of if you’re already miserable at work. Take a breath. Take a break. Take a walk around the block.

  1. You have no backup plan

There’s something to be said for a having plan. I’m not saying you have to have a job lined up, but you should at least have a plan of action that can sustain you until you find one. Now ask yourself if that plan of action (or at least part of it) is something you can do now without having to quit your job first.  Then you should probably save yourself a lot of stress and headaches and just work on your action plan in the comfort of your steady paycheck.

  1. You’re just trying to run away from something at work

Truth be told, the inner conflicts that arise at work will follow you to the next job. You have to face your fears and personal demons. If you screwed up, you need to face the music. Karma knows where you live. If it’s a co-worker or boss that’s making your life miserable, then it’s time to look at what they are in your life to teach you. Try to see it as an opportunity to work on yourself. Be the change you wish to see in the world – and all that.

  1. You don’t even know why you want to quit

Maybe you’re just having a bad day, or maybe you really are ready to move on. If you don’t know, though, there’s no point in quitting until you understand where you are and what you’re truly experiencing. Time to do some digging. Ask yourself what’s missing in your job. Journal about what’s going on at work and look for clues in what comes out.

  1. You haven’t worked there for more than 6 months

The first 6 months of any job are hell. You feel out of place. You feel less than confident (regardless of your skill) because you haven’t quite caught up with everyone around you yet. You haven’t had time to make solid relationships with your co-workers and you still feel a little isolated. It’s just too soon to tell. Until you’ve given it time to settle, it’s hard to know what you’re looking at. Sit tight. You’ll know soon enough.

If you’ve ever quit a job hastily and wished you hadn’t, I’d love to hear your story. Put it in the comments below, or shoot me and email.