Self Care Tip Pepper Makepeace

Be Your Own Best Friend – The Ultimate Self Care

What are the qualities you associate with a best friend? A few of the things that come to mind for me are…
• Good listener
• Forgiving
• Holds me accountable in a gentle way
• Gives me the time and space to grow and develop as a person
• Attentive to my emotional needs
• Sincere
• Reliable

We often talk to ourselves about our feelings and opinions about ourselves, others, and our circumstances. We talk to ourselves about our mistakes or where we still fall short. We may even say it over and over again just to make sure we got the message. Would you ever talk to your best friend that way?

Many of us make excellent friends. We care for others and do our best to be there for them any way we can. Do you treat yourself with the same loving respect that you do your friends and loved ones? How would your life be different if you were your own best friend?