When stress kicks in be sure to surround yourself with support. This includes everything from the people with whom you associate to the sights and smells of your personal workspace.

In a few simple steps, your workspace can be transformed into a powerful force for good. It can help you shift to more positive thoughts, remind you to nurture yourself, fill you with love, and bring peace into your heart and mind. Make it your own personal oasis and let it fill you up with happy.


Get Office Accessories that Make You Smile

Find your own style, whether it’s quirky or modern, and make functional fun! Here are some of my favorite sources.




Bring the Outdoors In

Azalea Bonsai

  • Plants are both refreshing and relaxing and create a compact burst of soothing green. They also help oxygenate your workspace to help you feel better naturally. Choose from indoor flowering plants, bamboo plants, money trees, and more at Giving Plants.  I got my husband a money tree and he loves sending me pictures of how well it’s doing. He says he welcomes the task of caring for it as a happy distraction each day.
  • Make a fish your daytime friend and get a miniature aquarium. This one is the perfect size for a desktop and comes with an attached light. Plus the sound of an aquarium can be very soothing.
  • Give yourself the gift of light. If you’re like many workers in the world, you’re probably sitting under fluorescent lights. It may feel like they’re sucking the life right out of you and might even be causing headaches. Get a full spectrum desk lamp like this one and enjoy all the benefits of full spectrum lighting: 1) Increases contrast in Reading. 2) Increase release of serotonin a hormone linked to an improved feeling of well-being. 3) Increases vitamin D production in skin, which helps the body efficiently use calcium. 4) Render color much more accurately. 5) Reduce levels of melatonin, a hormone that promotes fatigue.


Put Up Personalized Inspirations

Whether it’s pictures of loved ones or inspiring quotes in pretty frames, find a way to surround yourself with support. Get some happy desktop wallpaper, create a personalized calendar to hang on your cubicle wall, or find some desk art that inspires you. Keep it simple. If you want to keep it more private, put it on your cell phone.


I’d love to see pictures of your workspace! Feel free to link to them in the comments or post them on my Facebook page.