Color Palette

Color is my favorite part of design. When used well, it creates the mood of your website and keeps things cohesive and fluid. You can easily create a custom color palette for your website. Let me show you how!

Tips on How to Use Your Color Palette:

✻ Keep a hard copy with hex numbers and text samples on hand for easy reference.

✻ Refer to it for the color hex codes when editing font colors, backgrounds, making new graphics, etc. 

✻ Use it to preview text colors against various color backgrounds.

Sample Color Palette with Text
I created my custom palette using Photoshop, but you don’t need fancy software to explore colors and design your own color palette.

Free Online Website Color Palette Generators

Here’s a list of a few of my favorite online resources for choosing colors for your website and marketing materials.


Coolors lets you create a color palette by simply pressing the space bar. You can assign a main color and press the space bar to see different accent color variations. You can save palettes too.


Design Seeds

Design Seeds offers beautiful palettes based on photos. You can search by color or theme or just browse. These samples are great for inspiration and ideas for how to pull colors from a photo.

Adobe Kuler

Sign in with your Adobe ID and create and save color themes using their color wheel. You can also explore other people’s themes.


Color Scheme Designer


Web Design Ledger

Web Design Ledger offers a list of additional resources that professional web designers use: 10 Super Useful Tools for Choosing the Right Color Palette