If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome. ~ Anne Bradstreet

I hope you’ve been able to go out and enjoy the transition into Spring.  More sunshine, warmer temperatures, thunder storms, budding trees and flowers, and lots of green! This is a favorite time for many, but I find it to be an inspiring time full of life and hope for things to come. 

I’m always amazed at the beauty and new growth. I watch in wonder as things change almost before my eyes.  Things that seemed all but dead, brown and lifeless transform into lush green grass, tiny plant growth, and tender blossoms.

The birds are busy outside my window building their nests and getting their fill of seeds and nuts.  I selfishly moved the bird feeder right outside my office window and I’ve been pleasantly surprised and blessed to see a variety of birds partaking in the goodies. 

Spring serves as a reminder to me that even if things haven’t “blossomed” yet, it doesn’t mean they’re dead.  Maybe they need nourishment and sunshine. Maybe they just need time.  Or maybe there’s a lot happening under the surface that I’m not aware of.  Whatever the case may be, Spring is a time to revist old projects, ideas, or thought patterns.  Evaluate them with love and an open heart and listen to your intuition about what to do next.  Do you need to let go of them and allow the energy to be recycled into something new?  Do you need to give them nourishment?  Or do you just need to have patience? 

I encourage you to take a moment and do a little Spring Cleaning in your mind. Are there any thought patterns, mindsets, ideas about yourself or others, etc. that could use a little tender-loving-care?  Or maybe some that need to be aired out and thrown over the porch railing and beat with a broom like a old rug?  Nuture those brave and loving thoughts and prune those thorny bushes of negative ideas so that new growth and blossoms can emerge! 

Happy Spring!!