Manifestation 101: 7 Ways to Move Through Your Gunk
Here’s the good (and the bad) news:

Any time you set a new intention or goal, you literally begin moving into alignment with that intention by clearing out anything UNLIKE it.

Think of it this way:

When you plant a seed, the first thing that comes up is NOT a sprout. The first thing that comes up is a little dirt.

Unfortunately, this is where most people get stuck and why nothing changes. They just want the dang sprout already! They don’t want all that “gunk” coming up! They think it’s a BAD thing.

But it’s not!

The problem is simply that you don’t know what to do with the gunk. Let’s take a look at some simple mindset strategies that will help you clear it out faster…

1 – Call on Your Observer

The observer is the ever-present part of you that can objectively witness your reactions in any situation and recognize when you are lost in your “stuff.” The observer is never judgmental. It is peaceful. It is wise.

When you consistently call on your observer, you come to know your needs intimately. For instance, some “dirty” moments might require that you step away from your desk and take a walk in the woods and stop thinking or doing anything. Other moments might be best served by simply choosing a better thought.

Knowing the difference is about knowing the self. Not in a narcissistic way. In an honest clear way.

2 – Feel a little bit better

You don’t have to make yourself go from feeling awful to feeling “GRRREAT!” All you need to focus on is feeling a little bit better than you do. This releases a lot of pressure.

3 – Get Back to Basics

You may need to get back to basics with your intention. For instance, if too much dirt is coming up – you might need to shift your intention from being a gajillionaire to being worthy at all!

Sometimes people get totally excited by the notion of “Yes! I can manifest anything!” So they begin with the BIGGEST intention ever. Then when the dirt comes up, there’s so very much of it that they don’t know where to begin.

Safety, confidence, being loved, being authentic— these are beautiful concepts for beginners – AND for moments when the dirt arises.

4 – Petri Dish Mentality

Remind yourself that your whole life can be an experiment. When it comes to transformation and goals, put your life in a petri dish. Have a little fun with that idea. Say things like, “Hmmmm. I wonder what would happen if I really simply focused on________.” Make it a game. See what happens!

5 – Containerize

Containerizing is an Intention-Within-Intention process.

If you need to talk out your fears or your negativity, then create the intention to containerize for a while. This is an off-limits “no longer creating my reality” container.

Call a friend and explain that you need a listening ear. Explain that he is not allowed to feel sorry for you or give advice. He is not to give any “power” to your story. He is there to allow the container to happen. You just need to let it out. You can also do the same in your journal. Let it all out there. Then let it go.

6 – Lose the Story

If emotions are coming up, try this.

Sit still and let the emotions be there without the story that has attached itself to them. Feel sad and allow the sadness, but make sure that the story of “how my family always said I was terrible with money!” isn’t part of the sadness. Most of the time, it will move through and out.

7 – Get help

Get a coach. Get some bodywork. Rinse and repeat.

My coaches and healers are guiding lights and objective observers – always seeing my radiance, always trusting my process. I do the same for my clients!

We have this messed-up belief in our world that we should be able to take a pill and move on with things. You miss out on SO much great stuff when you try to do that. This work takes time. In fact, it will always be happening as long as you’re alive! (Isn’t that cool?) Mentors, healing practitioners, coaches… they can keep you focused on your vision, not on the gunk!

In the comments below, share your take on “gunk.” Does it still happen to you? Does it still feel real? And what do YOU do when it comes up?

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