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Town & Village of Naples, NY

Welcome & Thank you!

Welcome to your website design proposal!

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide web design services for the Town & Village of Naples, NY.

This proposal will walk you through all the details of working together. I will lay out what deliverables you can expect from me, the development process, estimated project timeline, pricing, and samples of my other work.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Benefits of a Well-designed Website

Connect Our Community

  • More detailed information about Town & Village officials, boards, and staff and how to reach them
  • Build out Town & Village services pages and streamline ways for residents to access them
  • Local COVID information, updates, closures, and links to County and State resources in a centralized location
  • Embed Community Forum livestreams and build out descriptions to include references, people, important links and information
  • Provide community resources for individuals and families – Naples Angels, Food Pantry, etc.
  • Add News & Updates sections to keep residents informed and make the website the go-to place for residents to find accurate and timely information
  • Add a “How Do I…?” section in the navigation menu to make it easy for residents to find the information they need quickly

Attract Visitors & New Residents

  • Provide more in depth information about the Town & Village including demographics in an “About” page
  • Promote local recreation and attractions (trails, wineries, parks, festivals, events, etc)
  • Promote local events and add more detailed information
  • Build more robust historical information and link to Historical Society activities
  • Provide community park info – link to the soon to be released park website
  • More in depth school information for attracting new residents
  • Link to visitor association – possibly highlight some of the businesses seasonally

Boost Local Economy

  • Add a local businesses list
  • Improved event promotion to support the local economy
  • Funding & grant information for local businesses
  • Town and Village services for businesses – building codes, licensing, permits, etc.
  • Bid opportunities

Ease of Use

  • Easy-to-use restructured navigation menu
  • Modern, responsive website
  • Simple to update & maintain


As outlined below in the Development Process section, I will be responsible for delivering the following:

  • Website strategy document that outlines navigation, key pages, visual style, etc.
  • Brand Kit to be reviewed, iterated and approved
  • Wireframes for the new website to be reviewed, iterated and approved
  • Full designs of the new website to be reviewed, iterated and approved
  • Video recording of our basic training session with your team on how to edit the website
  • Final, mobile-responsive website live on your existing hosting at BlueHost

I also want to note what is outside the scope of this project:

  • Submission to Search Engines
  • Design of other branding assets such as logos
  • Copywriting 

Development Process

My structured approach to the web design process helps ensure everyone knows what to expect each step of the way. This process also helps keep us on schedule and on budget.

Goal Setting & Strategy Session

We will have an initial meeting to go over your goals and ideas for the site. This meeting should include other members of your team that will be involved with the development and/or maintenance of the website. Together we will create a set of design specifications and over-arching goals for the site that will serve as a roadmap for the design process. A Strategy Outline document will be provided outlining navigation, key pages, overall style of the website, and goals for the site.

Brand Kit Development

Before we get started on developing the visual elements of the design, I create a Brand Kit that includes logos and their variants, color palette, fonts, and basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords. This process ensures that the website will remain in alignment with your overall branding strategy. The Brand Kit will be provided to you as a PDF for reference for other projects and marketing activities.


Once we’ve agreed on the over-arching vision and strategy for the site, I will develop a basic wireframe of the new site showing the navigation, page layouts, etc. This will allow you to understand the overall look and feel of the site and make initial adjustments to the basic structure for the site.


Once the wireframe is approved, I will begin designing the site on WordPress using the Divi Page Builder. Using a site developer like WordPress combined with the Divi Page Builder makes it easy for you to update the website however you need without needing to know any complicated coding or programs.

Final Approval & Training

Once the site is built, we’ll jump on a video call and I will walk you through the new website.

I will also do a basic training session with your team so they understand how to edit the website when needed. The session will be recorded so it can be referred to at any time.

Deployment – “Going Live”

Once you’ve approved the site, we’ll push it live at your BlueHost hosting account.

Project Timeline

My projected timeline for your web design project is below. All dates are dependent upon the receipt from you all necessary materials, information, and meeting availability and are therefore subject to change.

Dates updated to reflect actual completion.


Proposal Approval

Date of Completion: May 20


Goal Setting & Strategy Session

Date of Completion: June 1

Website Strategy Document

Date of Completion: June 12


Brand Kit

Date of Completion: June 12



Date of Completion: June 24


Full Design for Review

Estimated Date of Completion: July 26 – Waiting on content from client


Final Launch

Estimated Date of Completion: August 5


Total Project Cost


Estimated Total Hours

60 – 80 hours

Payment Schedule

$1125 – 50% Total Project Cost [Due upon signing]

$1125 – Remaining 50% Total Project Cost [Due upon approval of final design]

* Hourly work above and beyond the scope of this proposal will be at my regular rate of $50 per hour per the Terms & Conditions.

Responsive Design

I use ResponsiveTestTool.com and Responsinator.com to test responsiveness and readability on all devices.

Brand Consistency

I offer a Brand Kit as part of the website design process to help you build a recognizable brand that is consistent throughout all your marketing projects.


Basic training is provided and recorded so your team can maintain the site with confidence.


"Pepper was responsive, patient, and she solved a problem that had been slowing me down for months—all in less than two hours. What a tremendous relief! I wish I had contacted her sooner. I will continue to seek out her support in my small business and would recommend her without reservation to others."

Holly S., Owner @ Poetry Forge

"I've worked with Pepper Makepeace on several projects for several different clients and I've been impressed every step of the way. Working with multiple clients means I need a team member who values communication and collaboration. Pepper's ability to distill the tech world, and its constantly evolving elements, into useful and pertinent information is one of her most valuable traits. Turn around on design elements has always been quick and on time with any adjustments easy to discuss. I would highly recommend working with Pepper, especially if you're ready to have a partner to build your web presence. "

Heidi E. Johnson, project manager + bookkeeper for creative folks
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