I’ve spent a lot of time lately going through everything I own and letting go of as much as I can.  Earlier this week, the Vietnam Veterans of America graciously picked up a rather large donation as a result of this letting-go process.  It’s a difficult process, but certainly a powerful one.  It’s not just a Spring Cleaning, but more of a mental and spiritual purification ceremony.  

It feels like there is a seed inside me buried deep in my inner soil. On top of the soil is a bunch of debris.  The new seed growth tries to push through, but the debris is getting most of the sun and moisture that would help the seed grow.  So I’m trying my best to remove the old debris and allow more light and nourishment to come through. 

The seed is my true nature, my authentic self.  The debris is the old ideas and patterns I have about me and my surroundings.  Even though I try and try to feed my true self through meditation, self-reflection, and practice, it’s not as effective because the debris is getting in the way and absorbing the light and nutrients before they even reach my inner core.

So I now I’m doing my best to remove some of the debris.  Through this process I am forced to look at things squarely in the face and say “Thank you, but it’s time for us both to move on.”  Don’t get me wrong, I’m entirely grateful for every thing, idea, experience, action, circumstance, etc. that has entered my life. It has served a grand purpose. It brought me to this moment, to this place of a little more understanding, peace, and humility.  Without any piece of my past, I would be somewhere else entirely.  And frankly, I’m quite happy to be exactly where I am.

So I say a sincere thank you and farewell to these beautiful pieces of my past.  I wish us both well as we begin the next phase of our growth.

Do you have things in your life that no longer serve you?  Are you ready to let go to create space for your true beauty to shine through?