Is Your 9 to 5 Making You Sick?

Is Your 9 to 5 Making You Sick?

If you are unhappy at work but don’t feel ready or willing to quit, you are not alone. Those of us with jobs are grateful for them even if they make us miserable. A major downside is that the stress and unhappiness from work can begin to adversely affect other areas...

Divine Discontent

In true discontent there is much to be learned.  I wanted to share with you this quote from Osho at as it relates to my last post.  The true master creates discontent in you…and such a discontent that nothing of this world can ever satisfy it. He...

Dealing With Dis-ease

Discomfort of any kind is meant to teach us. We learn from our mistakes, but we also learn from our discomfort. It’s how we respond to the discomfort that makes all the difference.