I’ve meditated semi-regularly for years now, so I am familiar with the tricks my mind plays to try to get my attention.

My mind yaks on and on about what I should be doing or planning or worrying about. It has conversations with people I’ve encountered lately and with people I might see soon. It tries to shake my confidence with spiteful comments about how it doesn’t think I’m very good at meditating. It tries to distract me with its musings about God and the purpose of human existence. 

If you don’t meditate, you might be thinking, “Wow, this girl has lost it!” But if you do meditate, or have ever tried, then you know what I’m talking about.

Meditation has many benefits and purposes, but one of them is to quiet the mind. It’s a way to distill the ceaseless stream of thoughts down to a slow trickle.  

I’ve often wondered what it would feel like to be in complete control of my mind. In fact, it’s one of the things my mind likes to “think” about when I’m trying to meditate.  There have been small moments, brief instances, whole seconds, in fact, when I have felt my mind and body melt away. The chatter, tugging, pulling, planning, analyzing dies away completely…and it’s blissful. Then my mind kicks and says, “Hey! What was that?”

So I’m left with practicing. As with all things, practice makes perfect.  So I am committed to practicing until I can be in that state all the time regardless of what I’m doing. And then I’ll probably practice some more.

Meditation is a process. I’ve heard people say, “I can’t meditate. I can’t turn off my brain.” And to that I say, “That’s kind of the point.”  Just keep practicing and things will shift. They always do. Things come up, we get through them, we move on.

Just try. Then try some more. Practice again and again. Offer every thought back to God over and over again.  Just don’t give up. Meditation has changed my life. It can change yours too.