I recently watched a Wayne Dyer program on PBS in which a woman described a near death experience she had. She talked about feeling surrounded by unconditional love while in a coma.  She went on to explain that before her near death experience, she’d always been a people-pleaser and had a positive attitude. But because of her experience, she realized that being positive wasn’t the purpose of her life, but being herself was. She talked about how now she lives her life without fear as the unique expression of Source energy that she is.


This really resonated with me. Most of my life (up until a few years ago) I teetered back and forth between doing what I thought I was supposed to and rebelling against it. What I finally realized, though, is that I don’t have to do either. I can just be me.


Since that realization, the challenge has been trying to weed through what IS me and what is NOT me. Each of us has a lot of learned ideas about who we are that we picked up from friends, family, society, and our own experiences. These ideas govern the way we live our everyday lives and influence every decision we make for ourselves. Who we think we are determines where we live, what we do for a living, who are friends are, how we entertain ourselves, how we dress, basically everything.


How we define or see ourselves changes over time as we grow up, out, older, wiser, etc. But I can pretty much guarantee that many of the things you think about yourself aren’t true at any time in your life.


I challenge you to take a hard look at the life you’ve created for yourself, particularly the bits you’re not too fond of, and ask yourself why it is the way it is. Did you choose that job because it was the sensible, responsible, normal thing to do? Do you wear those clothes because you want to appear younger, smarter, hipper? Do you go out drinking with your buddies because that’s just what people do? I know I did these things and more. Maybe you’ve got some examples too?


It’s up to you what you do with what you learn about yourself. I find that giving up something I know I’m not can open up a lot of energy and space that was otherwise being wasted. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what’s you and what’s not, give me a call. I can help (gently) drag it out of you. 🙂