Year-End Reflection Questions Pepper Makepeace
Year-end reflection is a powerful tool for growth. You can see how far you’ve come and stay aware of things that still need some work. The end of a year is the perfect opportunity to take time to reflect on your life and inner journey. Take a few minutes before the end of the year, grab your journal, and dig in. You might be surprised about all you’ve accomplished this year!

Year-end Reflection Questions:

Take a moment to write out your answers to the following questions. By writing them down, you can read them next year to give you a reference point to see how things have changed. You can also use your answers to these questions to help you set goals for the new year.


  1. What challenges did you face this year and how did they help you grow?
  2. How did you improve your skills this year? What did you learn?
  3. What positive impact did you have in the lives of others this year?


  1. What negative thoughts or emotions were you able to let go of in the past year?
  2. How did you improve your personal relationships in the past year?
  3. What did you learn about yourself this year?

Work-Life Balance

  1. How would you rate your overall work-life balance during the past year?
    [Scale 1-10 with 1 being pathetic & sad and 10 being super awesome]
  2. What could you do to improve in an area that still feels unbalanced?
  3. What kinds of things have you done to take care of yourself and your needs this year? How could you be more consistent with this?

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